Somewhere in the space a planet called PLUPONS was floating in it’s daily movement.

Suddenly a huge amount of blocks from the space covered the planet and all plupaliens (inhabitants of planet PLUPONS) got crazy.

Now, somebody needs to help plupalians and you know that you can do it.

PLUPONS is an exciting and funny game where you need to match blocks trough different levels with different obstacles.

Easy to pick-up and at the same time challenging to master.

It’s for everyone.

Get ready to collect & pop blocks.

- 50 different levels
- 3 different locations
- From easy to hard levels & challenges
- Memory training
- Levels with move & time limits
- Achievements & friend challenges
- Character customization
- Side missions (let’s pop some clouds)
- Survival levels
- Different obstacles
- Trophy challenges for each level

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"After launching it for the first time, I couldn’t keep it down for the next 30 minutes"

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"Plupons is a game that is sure to keep you busy for weeks to come."

-Christian Leed, IGM Mobile (Read full review...)

"Plupons a fun matching puzzle game. Work your way through the different levels matching coloured blocks.
A unique twist to the match three styled games."

-Jane Jones, J4neJones (Read full review...)

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"This is indeed a remarkable game that is addictive, fun and filled with great graphics and has made it possible for it to become a legacy among players."

-Charles Miller, MobiAppsReview (Read full review...)

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